Making Wise Money Choices

Money is something that we all need but most people don’t understand.  When we receive a paycheck at the end of the week for services completed, most of us will take it to the bank, and before it is even in our accounts have it spent.  One of the biggest issues that people have is money management.  With poor money management and the inability to make good money choices, eventually you will find yourself in a financial crisis that could be very difficult to come out of.


When we receive a paycheck or any type of money, it is important to take a portion of it and put it into an investment.  An investment such as fixed deferred annuities, money markets and even CD’s are great ways to allow your money to grow. 

Regular deposits

To help your money grow faster you want to have regular deposits going into these accounts.  One of the best things that you can do is have them automatically drafted from your paycheck before you even see it.  This way, the money that is invested isn’t seen and won’t be a hardship on you.  With regular deposits your principal will grow.  The larger your principal the more interest you can make.


fixed deferred annuities

When looking for investments you want to find ones that offer dividends.  Dividends are payouts on your investments.  When you get these, it is important that you reinvest them into your investment accounts.  This will also allow you to get a higher principal and more money on your investments.

Start early

You don’t want to drag your feet when it comes to investing.  You want to start as early as you can and invest as much as you can early.  The longer we wait the harder it will come to gain the wealth that we want to receive from our investments.